WANTED Fairies and Elves to join The Fairy Experience

The Fairy Experience is ready to return to York and Harrogate.


Would you like to join us?  To bring our magical Fairy Experience back to the York area we need to know that there is enough interest to bring us back.  Please fill in the form below to be added to our priority list to be contacted once we know we have enough numbers and a venue secured.

Thank you


Who can take Part?

We recommend fairy experience sessions for girls from  age 3+ and boys aged 3 to 6. (We do have outfits for smaller Fairies and Elves but please think about how your child will be during the session).

All costumes and props are provided so you just need to worry about bringing your child to the studio and enjoying the experience.
We would advise when booking your session you avoid nap and snack times so we can get the best possible images for you.

If you have children outside of these age ranges, do please contact us if you are interested as there is often something we can do.

Siblings can have a joint fairy/elf session allowing you to get gorgeous images of them all together and individually. So you only need to book 1 session for brothers and sisters. If there are any more than 3 participants for your booking, please contact us before placing your order.

The Fairy Experience, portraits for girls