Things to do in Durham – Little Ballers

As part of a new series of blogs I am planning to do, I recently sat down for a chat with the lovely Jo from Little Ballers.
A basketball themed play programme designed for children from confident walkers currently up to the age of 7.

I offered to pop along to the Durham class and do some photography too, which you can see below.

Logo for Little Ballers Durham

From a parents perspective

This is one thing that I can certainly talk about and wanted to start with this, ultimately if you are here reading this article then I think this is the information you want to know.

We started taking our little boy to Mini Ballers from just over the age of 1 from memory, this is the introductory class.  At first you think it might be a bit too much for them but it really isn’t.  The lessons are very well structured with a lot of fun and although the overall theme is basketball that really isn’t what they are learning at this stage or even the next stage where our little man is currently.
They are learning some fabulous key skills such as how to balance, running, playing and LISTENING!

Although this takes a little time, what I will say is you have to give it at least a full term.  You may have weeks where you think your little one just does not get it or it may not be for them but you will be shocked at just how far they come and how quickly.  I see it a lot because I am usually here in the studio on a Saturday photographing families, so when I do get to go along to a class the difference in my little boy is epic.

Every parent says this but I really am so proud of him when I get to see him.  He is naturally quite shy and he has really come out of his shell so much since attending these classes.  He wants to jump everywhere, growing in confidence and it is lovely to see that he listens to instructions even at 3 years old.  I am amazed really.  So yes we highly recommend these classes from little ballers.  If you would to see more information about classes you can catch up with Little Ballers on Facebook here. 

Photographs of children attending a little ballers class in Shincliffe Durham

A little bit more about Little Ballers

Little ballers is the brainchild of Jo and her partner Lee.  Jo has been a PE teacher for over 17 years.  In that time she has worked in both secondary and primary education.  After starting in primary, moving to secondary Jo realised that her heart was truly in primary education.

After the birth of her first child Betsy, Jo decided to go part time when she returned to work and with that later found herself with some free time.  Jo really wanted to combine her passion with early years and PE and little ballers was born, the basket ball theme was a natural choice with Lee being a professional basketball coach.

Pictures of Durham's Little Ballers

Next Steps

Little ballers has grown from strength to strength in a short space of time and I for one can see that continuing.  Chatting with Jo she is currently looking for someone to teach more classes in the Durham area.  The brand has already spread into Newcastle and Gateshead and hopefully new franchises will open throughout the region and eventually UK wide.  If you are interested in working with Jo at Little Ballers you can contact her here.