Newborn Photoshoot: FAQ

  • When is the ideal time for a Newborn Photoshoot?

Newborn sessions are perfect for babies at around 7-10 days old, though we can accommodate babies up to 6 weeks old. After this time however, they can lose their newborn ‘curl’ and they’re typically less sleepy. We can also extend this time if necessary for any little ones that make an early appearance. As a rule of thumb though, the sooner the better!

Because of this we very much recommend booking your session during your pregnancy, once you have had your 20 week scan as our diary can fill quickly.  We’ll book in a preliminary floating session after your due date and if necessary we can reschedule.

  • Where does the Photoshoot take place?

All Newborn photoshoots take place in our comfortable, well-equipped Chester le Street based Studio. Here we have all of the blankets, throw’s, bean bags and backdrops that we may need for your session.

  • How long will the Photoshoot take?

We book Newborn sessions into a 2-3 hour timeslot. This is because we like to run our photoshoots at baby’s pace, and so allow time for feeding, changing and plenty of cuddling to ensure the perfect photographs can be taken. This does mean though that there may be some downtime during your session so bringing a bite to eat or something to entertain yourselves with may be a good idea!

  • Can I reschedule if I need to?

Of course! If for any reason you would like to reschedule the date or time of your Newborn photoshoot with us we will do our very best to accommodate that. And if during the photoshoot your little one is having a bit of an off day, we also guarantee that we’ll rebook you in for a free reshoot to ensure we capture the perfect photo’s.

  • How long does it take to get my photos?

After the photoshoot, we’ll invite you back to our studio, typically within a week or so, for a viewing session. During this session you’ll be shown the full selection of images taken in a fantastic slideshow, after which you’ll be able to select which image you would like as the included print with your session or make any further purchases you desire, though you’re under no obligation to do so (we do warn you, the images will be very cute!).

After this viewing session we will order the images and from then it typically takes between 4-6 weeks for us to have your order completed and ready back in the studio. At which point we’ll get in contact with you to arrange a collection appointment and you will have some adorable photo’s you can cherish for a lifetime.

  • Can I bring props for the Photoshoot?

You can feel free to bring any props along to the session and we’ll do our best to include them for a photo or two! Some props may not be quite as usable, however, it never hurts to bring them along and ask the question though!

  • Can others be in the photographs?

Yes of course! We welcome parents, siblings, grandparents to get involved as part of the shoot. Our goal is to capture the moments that you will cherish for a lifetime, and so we’ll endeavour to get the photo’s that you want.

  • Are there any optional extras on top of the photoshoot?

We do have a number of extras and special offers surrounding our Newborn photoshoots. These include packages that involve additional photoshoots such as a Maternity photoshoot, a cast of your beautiful bump that can be used in the Newborn shoot itself, and various other progress shoots through your little one’s First Year along with included products from each session! For full details about our various offers, you can view our Newborn photography page.

  • How much will extra images cost?

We take lots and lots of photo’s throughout our Newborn photoshoots and all of our packages include the choice of included prints or credit to put towards something bigger or better, and while you are under no obligation to purchase anything further the images are always very cute so you may be tempted to! We have framed portraits from our classic collection starting from £75. Wall art begins at £200 and we have a number of fantastic packages as well as these including our beautiful Folio keepsake collections that start from £900. All of our portraits are priced by their longest side and they’re available in a multitude of formats including canvas and acrylic.

Once again, you are under no obligation to purchase anything further! But the option is always there should you want more for yourself or as gifts for family!

If you have any further questions that you’d like answered before you book please feel free to contact us!

Either via E-mail: info@infinity-studios.co.uk

Or give us a call at: 0191 340 7273